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Logo design for a non-profit organization called 'Seattle Malayalees' 2. Attached few information on the famous icons in Seattle which is a city in Washington state - images included.

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There is a famous icon called 'Seattle Space Needle' that needs to be somehow represented in the logo. Attached couple images that comes up when you search for 'Kerala' in google i Looking for native Malayalam Voice Artist for this project.

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Please submit your bid if you are professional and have experience. Build website for finance company, more preference for people from Kerala. Looking for native English and Malayalam Voice Artist for this project.

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Please submit your bid if you are professional. More details will provide in chat. Hi We need a native translator who translate our document from Malayalam to Hindi.

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Please bid only native bidders. Not allowed any google or machine translation.

Full Text Available Los programas de conservación de especies se apoyan fuertemente en estudios de genética poblacional. Una de esas especies europeas, la población de Cervus elaphus en Escocia, fue tomada como una población con un grado muy elevado de diversidad genética ya que proviene del cruce de diferentes grupos de ciervos www kerala malayalisexgil número de móvil procedentes de diversas subespecies de la Europa continental.

A small book in Malayalam need to translate to English. The approximate word count is 14, in the project. Looking for a native Malayalam translator for this project.

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Atención personalizada Estamos disponibles de lunes a viernes de a Envía una solicitud. Devoluciones gratuitas Garantía de devolución o cambio para todas las compras. Shreya Ghoshal.

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Shankar Mahadevan. Lata Mangeshkar.

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Kailash Kher. Apr 17, These loci are a rich source of highly polymorphic markers that may be detected using the polymerase chain reaction PCR. Each STR is distinguished by the number of times a sequence is repeated, Chromosomal localization of microsatellite loci in Drosophila mediopunctata.

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Full Text Available Drosophila mediopunctata has been used as a model organism for genetics and evolutionary studies in the last three decades. A linkage map with 48 microsatellite loci recently published for this species showed five syntenic groups, which had their homology determined to Drosophila melanogaster chromosomes.

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Then, by inference, each of the groups was associated with one of the five major chromosomes of D. Our objective was to carry out a genetic chromosomal analysis to increase the number of available loci with known chromosomal location.

We made a simultaneous analysis of visible mutant phenotypes and microsatellite genotypes in www kerala malayalisexgil número de móvil backcross of a standard strain and a mutant strain, which had each major autosome marked.

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Hence, we could establish the chromosomal location of seventeen loci ; including one from each of the five major linkage groups previously published, and twelve new loci. Our results were congruent with the previous location and they open new possibilities to future work integrating microsatellites, chromosomal inversions, and genetic determinants of physiological and source variation.

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Development of polymorphic microsatellite loci for the tomato leaf Online only America García and Espul China identified using microsatellites. Does the evolutionary conservation of microsatellite loci imply function?

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Microsatellites are highly polymorphic tandem arrays of short bp sequence motifs which have been found widely distributed in the genomes of all eukaryotes. We have analyzed allele frequency data on 16 microsatellite loci typed in the great apes human, chimp, orangutan, and gorilla.

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The majority of these loci 13 were isolated from www kerala malayalisexgil número de móvil genomic libraries; three were cloned from chimpanzee genomic DNA. Most of these loci are not only present in all apes species, but are polymorphic with comparable levels of heterozygosity and have alleles which overlap in size.

The extent of divergence of allele frequencies among these four species were studies using the stepwise-weighted genetic distance Dswwhich was previously shown to conform to linearity with evolutionary time since divergence for loci where mutations exist in a stepwise fashion.

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However, the allele frequency distributions of these species are 10 times more similar to each other than expected when they were calibrated with a conservative estimate of the time since separation of humans and the apes. This evolutionary conservation has prompted some authors to speculate that there are functional constraints on microsatellite loci.

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Origins of amino acid transporter loci in trypanosomatid parasites. Full Text Available Abstract Background Large amino acid transporter gene families were identified from the genome sequences of three parasitic protists, Trypanosoma brucei, Trypanosoma cruzi and Leishmania major.

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These genes encode molecular sensors of the external host environment for trypanosomatid cells and are crucial to modulation of gene expression as the parasite passes through different life stages. This study provides a comprehensive phylogenetic account of the origins of these genes, redefining each locus according to a positional criterion, through the integration of phyletic identity with comparative gene order information.

Results Each locus was individually specified by its surrounding gene order and associated with homologs showing www kerala malayalisexgil número de móvil same position 'homoeologs' in other species, where available.

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Bayesian and maximum likelihood phylogenies were in general agreement on systematic relationships and confirmed several 'orthology sets' of genes retained since divergence from the common ancestor. Reconciliation analysis quantified the scale of duplication and gene loss, as well as identifying further apparent orthology sets, which lacked conservation of genomic position. These instances suggested substantial genomic restructuring or transposition.

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Other analyses identified clear instances of evolutionary rate changes post-duplication, the effects of concerted evolution within tandem gene arrays and gene conversion events between syntenic loci.

Conclusion Despite their importance to cell function and parasite development, the repertoires of AAT loci in trypanosomatid parasites are relatively fluid in both complement and gene dosage.

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Some loci are ubiquitous and, after an ancient origin through transposition, originated through descent from the ancestral trypanosomatid. However, reconciliation analysis demonstrated that unilateral expansions of gene number through tandem gene duplication, transposition of gene duplicates to otherwise well conserved genomic.

Association analyses ofindividuals reveal 18 new loci associated with body mass index.

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We confirmed 14 known obesity susceptibility loci and identified 18 new loci associated with body mass index P SH2B1 and BDNF map near key hypothalamic regulators To evaluate polymorphisms and forensic efficiency of 22 non-binary single nucleotide polymorphism SNP loci. One hundred ethnic Han Chinese individuals were recruited from Dongguan, Guangdong.

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Nine loci were found with a single allele, 4 loci were found to be biallelic, whilst 9 loci were found to have 3 alleles.

For 13 polymorphic locithe combined discrimination power and power of exclusion were 0.

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For the 9 non-biallelic locithe combined discrimination power and power of exclusion were 0. For motherless cases, the combined power of exclusion was 0.

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Non-binary loci have a greater discrimination power and exclusion power per SNP. Genes and quality trait loci QTLs associated with firmness in Malus x domestica.

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Fruit firmness is affected by the inheritance of alleles at multiple loci and their possible interactions with the environment. Identification of these loci is key for the determination of genetic candidate markers that can.

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Isolation and characterization of microsatellite loci from the Australasian sea snake, Aipysurus laevis. We developed 13 microsatellite loci for the olive sea snake, Aipysurus laevis, using both enriched and unenriched genomic DNA libraries.

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Eleven codominant locithat reliably amplified, were used to screen 32 individuals across the geographic range of A. Four loci had four or more alleles All but one locus was in Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium.

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These loci will provide useful markers to investigate population genetic structure for the olive sea snake Revisión www kerala malayalisexgil número de móvil los sistemas de control de versiones utilizados en el desarrollo de software.

Full Text Available Uno de los retos a los que se enfrentan los desarrolladores de software es generar productos eficientes y de calidad sin sacrificar tiempo o costos. sexy señoras desnudas en la playa

Este objetivo sólo se alcanza si los actores involucrados en tal proceso pueden disponer de toda la información relacionada con el proyecto. En www kerala malayalisexgil número de móvil presente trabajo de investigación se presenta una revisión de las principales aplicaciones de software disponibles para la gestión del control de versiones con un enfoque hacia su utilización en el desarrollo de software.

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Adicionalmente, se analiza su funcionamiento de acuerdo al método de administración de la información contenida en los repositorios, describiendo el proceso de creación, actualización y generación de versiones de archivos de código almacenados en los repositorios. Seletividade de agrotóxicos utilizados em pessegueiro sobre ovos e pupas do predador Chrysoperla externa.

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Foi avaliada a viabilidade de ovos e pupas, além da fecundidade e fertilidade de adultos emergidos de pupas tratadas. Identification of four novel susceptibility loci for oestrogen receptor negative breast cancer.

Common variants in 94 loci have been associated with breast cancer including 15 loci with genome-wide significant associations P loci Multi-ethnic fine-mapping of 14 central adiposity loci.

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Liu, C. These loci are wide and narrowingthe signalsremains necessary. Common variants in 94 loci have been associated with breast cancer including 15 loci with genome-wide significant associations P loci.

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Inheritance and linkage in isozymes loci of Genipa americana L. Esses locos segregaram de dois a três alelos.

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These allozyme loci have segregated fromtwo to four alleles per polymorphic locus. Genesegregation on those loci was homogeneous amongtrees.

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However, there were significant deviationsfrom the expected segregation ratios on some lociand some individual trees.

In addition, Mdh-2 and6pgdh-1 loci have shown significant deviationsfrom the expected segregation ratio.

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Linkagedisequilibrium evidences were not detected betweenany two pairs of loci from G. Association analysis identifies 65 new breast cancer risk loci. Breast cancer risk is influenced by rare coding variants in susceptibility genes, such as BRCA1, and many common, mostly non-coding variants.

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However, much of the genetic contribution to breast cancer risk remains unknown. Here we report the results of a genome-wide association study of breast These results provide further insight into genetic susceptibility www kerala malayalisexgil número de móvil breast cancer and will improve the use of genetic risk source Seven newly identified loci for autoimmune thyroid disease.

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To further investigate the genetic determinants of AITD, we conducted an association study using a custom-made single-nucleotide polymorphism SNP array, the ImmunoChip. The SNP array contains all known and genotype-able SNPs across distinct susceptibility loci associated with one or more immune-mediated diseases.

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We found evidence for seven new AITD risk loci P test derived significance thresholdfive at locations previously associated and two at locations awaiting confirmation, with other immune-mediated diseases. Allele frequency distribution for 21 autosomal STR loci in Nepal.

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Several new alleles i. Characteristics of Japanese inflammatory bowel disease susceptibility loci.

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There are substantial differences in inflammatory bowel disease IBD genetics depending on the populations examined. We aimed to identify Japanese population-specific or true culprit susceptibility genes through a meta-analysis of past genetic studies of Japanese IBD.

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For this study, we reviewed 2, articles. The review process consisted of three screening stages: we initially searched for relevant studies and then relevant single nucleotide polymorphisms SNPs. Finally, we adjusted them for the meta-analysis.

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To maximize our chances of analysis, we introduced proxy SNPs during the first stage. To minimize publication bias, no significant SNPs and solitary SNPs without pairs were combined to be reconsidered during the third stage.

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Additionally, two SNPs were newly genotyped. Finally, we conducted a meta-analysis of 37 published studies in 50 SNPs located at 22 loci corresponding to the total number of 4, Crohn's disease CD5, ulcerative colitis UC patients, and 14, healthy controls.

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The genetic risk of HLA was substantially high odds ratios ranged from 1. The signature of positive selection at randomly chosen loci. In Drosophila and humans, there are accumulating examples of loci with a significant excess of high-frequency-derived alleles or high www kerala malayalisexgil número de móvil of linkage disequilibrium, relative to a neutral model of a random-mating population of constant size.

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These are features expected after a recent selective sweep. Their prevalence suggests that positive directional selection may be widespread in both species.

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However, as I show here, these features do not persist long after the sweep ends: The high-frequ All of the loci reached the Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium. These loci were examined to determine allele frequencies and forensic statistical parameters. The combined discrimination power and probability of excluding paternity of the 20 STR loci were 0.

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Results suggested that the 20 STR loci are highly polymorphic, which is suitable for forensic personal identification and paternity testing. Isolation and characterization of 21 polymorphic microsatellite loci in the Japanese dace Tribolodon hakonensis.

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Koizumi, Noriyuki; Quinn, Thomas W. Twenty one polymorphic microsatellite loci for the Japanese dace Tribolodon hakonensis were isolated and characterized.

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The number of observed alleles per locus in 32 individuals ranged from 3 to The observed and expected heterozygosities ranged from 0. All loci conformed to Hardy—Weinberg equilibrium, no linkage disequilibrium was observed between pairs of loci and no loci showed evidence of null alleles. These microsatellite loci will be useful for investigating the intraspecific genetic variation and population structure of this species. We developed nine polymorphic microsatellite loci for evening primrose Oenothera biennis.

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These loci have two to 18 alleles per locus and observed heterozygosities ranging from 0 to 0. The loci will be informative in identifying genotypes in multigenerational field studies to assess changes in genotype frequencies.

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The problem arises in the context of a predominantly visual culture, where photography has become an accesible and omnipresent means of experiencing the world and, therefore, considered a convenient tool for gaining a type of knowledge. A photographic method of exploring the spirirt www kerala malayalisexgil número de móvil the place could serve in understanding local characteristics, in identifying the elements that make a place unique and recognizible.

A photo-essay was employed in order to explore the spirit of the old town of Chefchaouen in Morocco and the ambiguity and dual nature of the concept.

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A critical reflection was conducted with respect to the results. The Red Queen lives: Epistasis between linked resistance loci. A popular theory explaining the maintenance of genetic recombination sex is the Red Queen Theory.

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This theory revolves around the idea that time-lagged negative frequency-dependent selection by parasites favors rare host genotypes generated through recombination. Although the Red Queen has been studied for decades, one of its key assumptions has remained unsupported.

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The signature host-parasite specificity underlying the Www kerala malayalisexgil número de móvil Queen, where infection depends on a match between host and parasite genotypes, relies on epistasis between linked resistance loci for which no empirical evidence exists.

We performed 13 genetic crosses and tested over Daphnia magna genotypes for resistance to two strains of the bacterial pathogen Pasteuria ramosa. Results reveal the presence of strong epistasis between three closely linked resistance loci.

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One locus masks the expression of the other two, while these two interact to produce a single resistance phenotype. Changing a single allele on one of these interacting loci can reverse resistance against the tested parasites. Such a genetic mechanism is consistent with host and parasite specificity assumed www kerala malayalisexgil número de móvil the Red Queen Theory.

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These results thus provide evidence for a fundamental assumption of this theory and provide a genetic basis for understanding the Red Queen dynamics in the Daphnia-Pasteuria system. Genome-wide association study identifies five new schizophrenia loci. We examined the role of common genetic variation in schizophrenia in a genome-wide association study of substantial size: a stage 1 discovery sample of 21, individuals of European ancestry and www kerala malayalisexgil número de móvil stage 2 replication sample of 29, independent subjects.

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The combined stage 1 and 2 analysis yielded genome-wide significant associations with schizophrenia for seven locifive of which are new 1p Four other schizophrenia loci achieving genome-wide significance contain predicted targets of MIR, suggesting MIRmediated dysregulation as a previously unknown etiologic mechanism in schizophrenia.

Andlauer, Till F.

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Genetic maps of polymorphic DNA loci on rat chromosome 1. Ding, Yan-Ping; Remmers, E.

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In total, 43 markers were www kerala malayalisexgil número de móvil, of which 3 were restriction fragment length polymorphisms and the others were simple sequence length polymorphisms. Nineteen of these markers were associated with genes. Comparative mapping analysis indicated that the large portion of rat chromosome 1 is homologous to mouse chromosome 7, although the homologous to mouse chromosome 7, although the homologs of two rat genes are located on mouse chromosomes 17 and Homologs of the rat chromosome 1 genes that we mapped read more located on human chromosomes 6, 10, 11, 12, 15, 16, and Full Text Available Horse body size varies greatly due to intense selection within each breed.

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American Miniatures are less than one meter tall at the withers while Shires and Percherons can exceed two meters. The genetic basis for this variation is not known.

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Díaz Duarte, Daymara Toma de decisiones: el imperativo diario de la vida en la organización moderna. Los fondos del AGC de Salamanca.

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Dieci, Sara and Salarelli, Alberto OrgaNet: un progetto di catalogazione multimediale del patrimonio organario della provincia di Parma.

Domínguez-Aroca, María-Isabel La biblioteca universitaria ante el nuevo modelo de aprendizaje: docentes y bibliotecarios, aprendamos juntos porque trabajamos juntos. IV, n. Doran, Susan G.

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Finding Nutrition Information on the Web: Coverage vs. Final Project Report.

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Duran, Z. Annals of Library and Information Studies, vol.

Instala la aplicación gratis Online Radio Box para su teléfono y escucha sus estaciones de radio en línea favoritas dondequiera que esté! Para su comodidad, hemos hecho todo lo posible para reunir casi todas las emisoras en línea de India.

Dutta, Bidyarthi and Sen, Bimal Kanti The scattering of articles over a journal system as observed from the viewpoint of Bose-Einstein statistics. ASSIGnation, vol.

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Eito-Brun, Ricardo Lenguajes de marcado y archivos digitales. Ekbia, Hamid R.

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The Information Society, vol. Engard, Nicole C.

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Computers in Libraries, vol. Ensoli, Alessandra Lo sviluppo sostenibile nella documentazione delle agenzie per l'ambiente.

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Escardó, Martín. Foundations of computer science : lecture notes. Unpublished [Book].

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Estrada-Cuzcano, Alonso Libertad intelectual e instituciones documentales. Investigación Bibliotecológica, vol.

Www kerala malayalisexgil número de móvil

Eustasius, Denisa Programele bibliografice open source. Fadaie Araghi, Gholamreza Users satisfaction through better indexing.

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Fahmi, Ismail. NTU Singapore. Idea Group Inc.

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Falcato, Pedro Acerca de profesión, modas, cambio y continuidad. Falcato, Pedro Sistema de ayuda para la redacción de mensajes en un servicio de referencia por correo electrónico. WebJunction Fathi, Abdulraqib Roaming government: an opportunity for developing nations.

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Nama, vol. Linee guida alla descrizione e alla gestione del patrimonio documentario.

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Volume II. Versione software 3.

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Capítulo Español. Congreso 7. BarcelonaBarcelona, julio Ferrada-Cubillos, Mariela La satisfacción del usuario remoto de la biblioteca. Library Management Journal, vol.

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In Press [Journal article Paginated ]. Figueroa Miranda, Gustavo La metodología de elaboración de proyectos como una herramienta para el desarrollo cultural.

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Fiorentini, Barbara I giornali degli stranieri. Flores-Calvo, Barbara and Legeren-Alvarez, Elisa El fenómeno weblog como nuevo medio de comunicación: su incidencia en el campo de la Biblioteconomía y la Documentación.

Hollywood, United States. Vende tu arte.

In La dimensió humana de l'organització del coneixement. Pregled nacionalnog centra za digitalizaciju, n.

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Franchini, Elena Nuove prospettive nell'evoluzione dei thesauri: interoperabilità, integrazione, standard. Francis, A. Library consortia model for country wide access of electronic journals and databases.

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Freund, Luanne and Toms, Elaine G. Friend, Frederick J.

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The road to open access : a guide to the implementation of the Berlin Declaration [Roadmap for implementation]. Jahrhundert mit Österreich-Fokus.

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Fuentes Romero, Juan José Bibliotecas nacionales y sociedad del conocimiento: perspectivas de futuro. Los portales bibliotecarios.

Madrid: Arco Libros, Fushimi, Marcela S.

Abeja Roberts, Cristina Es tiempo de hablar: Odio y discriminación en información.

Galindo, Diego Andres Organización de planotecas de arquitectura en formato electrónico. Journal of Documentation, vol. García, Idalia Para empezar, hay que recordar: formación profesional e investigación del libro antiguo en México.

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Relación entre las disposiciones cognitivas y el pensamiento científico, utilizados en entornos escolares por estudiantes de primero de primaria. Esta investigación busca reconocer la relación entre la disposición cognitiva y el pensamiento científico, utilizados en entornos escolares por estudiantes de primero primaria, basada por una parte en la teoría de las Disposiciones cognitivas del profesor Ritchhart, que sostiene que existen al menos tres disposiciones de pensamiento : Disposición cognitiva hacia el pensamiento creativo, el reflexivo y el crítico por otra parte el concepto de pensamiento científico, se basa en reflexiones ela Influencia de la adición al suelo de residuos de almazara en el comportamiento de herbicidas utilizados en el cultivo del olivar. Texto completo descargado del CSIC En este trabajo de tesis doctoral se han estudiado los procesos de adsorción-desorción, disipación y lixiviación de cuatro herbicidas utilizados ampliamente en el cultivo del olivar diurón, terbutilazina, MCPA y amitrol en dos suelos con distintas características, un suelo arcillo limoso, procedente de Mengíbar Jaén y otro suelo clasificado como franco arenoso de Coria del Río Sevilla , así como la influencia que la adición de residuos de almazara a Glosario de términos utilizados en las licencias de revistas electrónicas Glossary of terms used for electronic journals licenses. Full Text Available Se presentan dos listados del vocabulario utilizado en la redacción de licencias para acceder a revistas electrónicas: 1 los términos en español con sus equivalencias en inglés seguidas de sus definiciones y 2 los términos en inglés con sus equivalencias en español. Two lists of the vocabulary use for the writing of a license to access electronic journals are presented: 1 terms in both Spanish and English followed by their corresponding definition; 2 terms in English followed by their equivalent terms in Spanish. Estos modelos fueron diseñados en el software OptiSystem que permite modelar sistemas de comunicaciones a través de fibra óptica. En el Capítulo 1, se describe la parte preliminar del p Multiple loci are associated with white blood cell phenotypes. Full Text Available White blood cell WBC count is a common clinical measure from complete blood count assays, and it varies widely among healthy individuals. Total WBC count and its constituent subtypes have been shown to be moderately heritable, with the heritability estimates varying across cell types. We studied 19, subjects from seven cohorts in a discovery analysis, and 11, subjects from ten cohorts for replication analyses, to determine genetic factors influencing variability within the normal hematological range for total WBC count and five WBC subtype measures. To investigate functional relationships among variants contributing to variability in the six WBC traits, we utilized gene expression- and pathways-based analyses. We implemented gene-clustering algorithms to evaluate functional connectivity among implicated loci and showed functional relationships across cell types. Gene expression data from whole blood was utilized to show that significant biological consequences can be extracted from our genome-wide analyses, with effect estimates for significant loci from the meta-analyses being highly corellated with the proximal gene expression. In addition, collaborative efforts between the groups contributing to this study and related studies conducted by the COGENT and RIKEN groups allowed for the examination of effect homogeneity for genome-wide significant associations across. Cronobacter sakazakii sequence types 1, 4, 8 and 12 are associated with outbreaks of neonatal meningitis and necrotizing enterocolitis infections. However clonality results in strains which are indistinguishable using conventional methods. This study investigated the use of clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeats CRISPR -cas loci profiling for epidemiological investigations. Seventy whole genomes of C. This study demonstrated the greater discriminatory power of CRISPR spacer array profiling compared with multilocus sequence typing, which will be of use in source attribution during Cronobacter outbreak investigations. Microsatellite loci for the stingless bee Melipona rufiventris Hymenoptera: Apidae. Eight microsatellite primers were developed from ISSR intersimple sequence repeats markers for the stingless bee Melipona rufiventris. These primers were tested in 20 M. Several loci were also polymorphic in M. A whole genome scan was carried out to detect quantitative trait loci QTL for fertility traits in Finnish Ayrshire cattle. Estimated breeding values for days open, fertility treatments, maternal calf mortality and paternal non-return rate Twenty-two chromosome-wise significant QTL were detected. Several of the detected QTL areas were overlapping with milk production QTL previously identified in the same population. Multi-trait QTL analyses were carried out to test This distinction could only be made with confidence on BTA1 where a QTL affecting milk yield is linked to a pleiotropic QTL affecting days open and fertility treatments Tetranucleotide microsatellite loci from the black bear Ursus americanus. We describe primers and polymerase chain reaction conditions to amplify 21 tetranucleotide microsatellite DNA loci in black bears Ursus americanus. We tested primers using individuals from two populations, one each in Georgia and Florida. A comparison of previously developed markers with individuals from Georgia suggests that bear populations in Georgia and Florida have reduced allelic diversity relative to other populations. Shane; Park, Sue K. Breast cancer risk is influenced by rare coding variants in susceptibility genes such as BRCA1 and many common, mainly non-coding variants. We report results from a genome-wide association study GWAS of breast cancer in , cases and , controls of European ancestry and 14, cases and 13, controls of East Asian ancestry1. We identified 65 new loci associated with overall breast cancer at pcancer due to all SNPs in regulatory features was fold enriched relative to the genome-wide average, with strong enrichment for particular transcription factor binding sites. These results provide further insight into genetic susceptibility to breast cancer and will improve the utility of genetic risk scores for individualized screening and prevention. New weighting methods for phylogenetic tree reconstruction using multiple loci. Efficient determination of evolutionary distances is important for the correct reconstruction of phylogenetic trees. The performance of the pooled distance required for reconstructing a phylogenetic tree can be improved by applying large weights to appropriate distances for reconstructing phylogenetic trees and small weights to inappropriate distances. We developed two weighting methods, the modified Tajima-Takezaki method and the modified least-squares method, for reconstructing phylogenetic trees from multiple loci. By computer simulations, we found that both of the new methods were more efficient in reconstructing correct topologies than the no-weight method. Hence, we reconstructed hominoid phylogenetic trees from mitochondrial DNA using our new methods, and found that the levels of bootstrap support were significantly increased by the modified Tajima-Takezaki and by the modified least-squares method. Physiologic characterization of type 2 diabetes-related loci. For the past two decades, genetics has been widely explored as a tool for unraveling the pathogenesis of diabetes. Many risk alleles for type 2 diabetes and hyperglycemia have been detected in recent years through massive genome-wide association studies and evidence exists that most Such studies have shed light on the function of some loci but also underlined the complex nature of disease mechanism. In the future, sequencing-based discovery of low-frequency variants with higher impact on intermediate The allelopathic potential of rice Oryza sativa L. A population of recombinant inbred lines RILs was derived through single-seed descent from a cross between the indica cultivar AC A second relay seeding experiment was set up, this time including charcoal in the perlite. This screening showed that the allelopathic rice The second phenotypic experiment was conducted under greenhouse conditions in pots. Thirteen QTLs were detected for four different Conserved family of glycerol kinase loci in Drosophila melanogaster. Glycerol kinase GK is an enzyme that catalyzes the formation of glycerol 3-phosphate from ATP and glycerol, the rate-limiting step in glycerol utilization. We analyzed the genome of the model organism Drosophila melanogaster and identified five GK orthologs, including two loci with sequence homology to the mammalian Xp21 GK protein. Using a combination of sequence analysis and evolutionary comparisons of orthologs between species, we characterized functional domains in the protein required for GK activity. Our findings include additional conserved domains that suggest novel nuclear and mitochondrial functions for glycerol kinase in apoptosis and transcriptional regulation. Investigation of GK function in Drosophila will inform us about the role of this enzyme in development and will provide us with a tool to examine genetic modifiers of human metabolic disorders. Loci associated with skin pigmentation identified in African populations. Crawford, Nicholas G. Despite the wide range of skin pigmentation in humans, little is known about its genetic basis in global populations. Genetic evidence indicates that the light pigmentation variant at SLC24A5 was introduced into East Africa by gene flow from non-Africans. At all other loci , variants associated with dark pigmentation in Africans are identical by descent in southern Asian and Australo-Melanesian populations. Linkage analysis: Inadequate for detecting susceptibility loci in complex disorders? Insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus IDDM may provide valuable clues about approaches to detecting susceptibility loci in other oligogenic disorders. Lack of linkage has been attributed to insufficient marker locus information, genetic heterogeneity, or high frequency of the IDDM-predisposing allele in the general population. Tyrosine hydroxylase TH is located 2. We typed a highly polymorphic microsatellite within TH in multiplex families, and performed parametric lod score linkage analysis using various intermediate reduced penetrance models for IDDM including rare and common disease allele frequencies , as well as non-parametric affected sib pair linkage analysis. The scores significantly reject linkage for recombination values of. Non-parametric linkage analysis also provided no significant evidence for linkage mean TH allele sharing These results have important implications for efforts to locate genes predisposing to complex disorders, strongly suggesting that regions which are significantly excluded by linkage methods may nevertheless contain predisposing genes readily detectable by association methods. We advocate that investigators routinely perform association analyses in addition to linkage analyses. The mating type-like loci of Candida glabrata. Candida glabrata, a haploid and opportunistic fungal pathogen that has not known sexual cycle, has conserved the majority of the genes required for mating and cell type identity. The C. These data highlight important differences in the control of mating and cell type identity between the non-pathogenic yeast S. The fact that C. This manuscript is part of the series of works presented at the "V International Workshop: Molecular genetic approaches to the study of human pathogenic fungi" Oaxaca, Mexico, Published by Elsevier Espana. All rights reserved. In colonies of the honeybee Apis mellifera, the queen is usually the only reproductive female, which produces new females queens and workers by laying fertilized eggs. However, in one subspecies of A. The Cape bee also exhibits a suite of phenotypes that facilitate social parasitism whereby workers lay such eggs in foreign colonies so their offspring can exploit their resources. The genetic basis of this switch to social parasitism in the Cape bee is unknown. To address this, we compared genome variation in a sample of Cape bees with other African populations. We find genetic divergence between these populations to be very low on average but identify several regions of the genome with extreme differentiation. The regions are strongly enriched for signals of selection in Cape bees, indicating that increased levels of positive selection have produced the unique set of derived phenotypic traits in this subspecies. Genetic variation within these regions allows unambiguous genetic identification of Cape bees and likely underlies the genetic basis of social parasitism. The candidate loci include genes involved in ecdysteroid signaling and juvenile hormone and dopamine biosynthesis, which may regulate worker ovary activation and others whose products localize at the centrosome and are implicated in chromosomal segregation during meiosis. Functional analysis of these loci will yield insights into the processes of reproduction and chemical signaling in both parasitic and non-parasitic populations and advance understanding of the process of normal and atypical meiosis. Functional mapping imprinted quantitative trait loci underlying developmental characteristics. Full Text Available Abstract Background Genomic imprinting, a phenomenon referring to nonequivalent expression of alleles depending on their parental origins, has been widely observed in nature. It has been shown recently that the epigenetic modification of an imprinted gene can be detected through a genetic mapping approach. Such an approach is developed based on traditional quantitative trait loci QTL mapping focusing on single trait analysis. Recent studies have shown that most imprinted genes in mammals play an important role in controlling embryonic growth and post-natal development. For a developmental character such as growth, current approach is less efficient in dissecting the dynamic genetic effect of imprinted genes during individual ontology. Results Functional mapping has been emerging as a powerful framework for mapping quantitative trait loci underlying complex traits showing developmental characteristics. To understand the genetic architecture of dynamic imprinted traits, we propose a mapping strategy by integrating the functional mapping approach with genomic imprinting. We demonstrate the approach through mapping imprinted QTL controlling growth trajectories in an inbred F2 population. The statistical behavior of the approach is shown through simulation studies, in which the parameters can be estimated with reasonable precision under different simulation scenarios. Three maternally imprinted QTLs are identified as regulating the growth trajectory of mouse body weight. Conclusion The functional iQTL mapping approach developed here provides a quantitative and testable framework for assessing the interplay between imprinted genes and a developmental process, and will have important implications for elucidating the genetic architecture of imprinted traits. Full Text Available In colonies of the honeybee Apis mellifera, the queen is usually the only reproductive female, which produces new females queens and workers by laying fertilized eggs. Six new loci associated with body mass index highlight a neuronal influence on body weight regulation. Willer Cristen ; E. Speliotes Elizabeth ; R. Loos Ruth ; S. Li Shengxu ; C. Lindgren Cecilia ; I. Heid Iris ; S. Berndt Sonja ; A. Elliott Amanda ; A. Jackson Anne ; C. Lamina Claudia ; G. Lettre Guillaume ; N. Lim Noha ; H. Lyon Helen ; S. McCarroll Steven ; K. Papadakis Konstantinos ; L. Randall Joshua ; R. Roccasecca; S. Sanna Serena ; P. Scheet Paul ; M. Weedon Michael ; E. Wheeler Eleanor ; J. Zhao Jing Hua ; L. Jacobs Leonie ; I. Prokopenko Inga ; N. Soranzo Nicole ; T. Tanaka Toshiko ; N. Timpson Nicholas ; P. Almgren Peter ; A. Bennett Amanda ; R. Bergman Richard ; S. Bingham Sheila ; L. Bonnycastle Lori ; M. Brown Morris ; N. Burtt Noël ; P. Chines Peter ; L. Coin Lachlan ; F. Collins Francis ; J. Connell John ; C. Cooper Charles ; G. Smith; E. Dennison Elaine ; P. Deodhar Parimal ; M. Erdos Michael ; K. Estrada Gil Karol ; D. Evans David ; L. Gianniny Lauren ; C. Gieger Christian ; C. Gillson Christopher ; C. Guiducci Candace ; R. Hackett Rachel ; D. Hadley David ; A. Hall Alistair ; A. Havulinna Aki ; J. Hebebrand Johannes ; A. Udit Narayan. Sid Sriram. Asha Bhosle. Sunidhi Chauhan. Anirudh Ravichander. Rapetti, Elsa Formación de bibliotecarios en las escuelas universitarias de bibliotecología del Mercosur : impacto de las tecnologías de información en los planes de estudio. Reale, Luigi M. Reig Cruañes, José Para una teoría informativa del documento: Extensión y aplicabilidad del concepto. Riva, Federica Il patrimonio storico musicale nel Conservatorio di musica "A. Boito" di Parma: la multimedialità dell'oggetto reale. Robertson, R. John and Barton, Jane Optimising metadata workflows in a distributed information environment. Rodrigues, Eloy Concretizando o acesso livre à literatura científica: o repositório institucional e a política de auto-arquivo da Universidade do Minho. Minho, Portugal]. Rodríguez López, Joaquín Ciencia y comunicación científica: edición digital y otros fundamentos del libre acceso al conocimiento. Rodríguez Sosa, Sergio A. Una experiencia basada en open access. Romanos de Tiratel, Susana La cooperación bibliotecaria. Romanos de Tiratel, Susana and Giunti, Graciela María Las revistas argentinas de Filosofía: visibilidad en bases de datos internacionales. Roncaglia, Gino. Quali ebook per la didattica. ClioPress, pp. Roosendaal, Hans E. Rousseau, Ronald Another look at small worlds: one node set - two link structures. Rousseau, Ronald Q-measures for binary divided networks: an investigation within the field of informetrics. Rubio-Lacoba, María Nuevos tiempos para la documentación informativa en el periodismo digital: viejas y nuevas funciones del servicio de documentación digital. Comunicación y Sociedad , , vol. Rubio-Liniers, María-Cruz Evaluación y normalización de las revistas científicas españolas de Historia local. Rueda-Ramírez, Pedro Review: La passion des livres. In 1a Jornada internacional de software libre para bibliotecas, Terrassa Spain , 18 October Ruvane, Mary B. Sahraie Kalejahi, Masumeh Network security using honeypot. Saigaonkar, Geeta and Karira, V. Salcedo, Diego Lacunas na Arquivística : uma perspectiva filatélica. Documentación, terminología y traducción. Manual de documentación y terminología para la traducción especializada. Instrumenta Bibliológica, Pinto, Maria; Cordón, José Antonio eds. Técnicas documentales aplicadas a la traducción. Madrid, Síntesis, Sanabria Barrios, Daniel J. Capacitación del personal de las Bibliotecas del ITESM-Zona Metropolitana de Monterrey en actividades de catalogación : propuesta de elaboración de un manual de autoaprendizaje para empleados de nuevo ingreso. Sanabria Barrios, Daniel Jorge Programa de certificación interna del personal que utiliza Millennium en las bibliotecas del Tecnológico de Monterrey. Sangiorgi, Serena E-book e biblioteca: introduzione a realtà, problemi e prospettive. In Seminario E-books, Nuoro , Nuoro, 12 novembre Sangiorgi, Serena L'e-book in biblioteca accademica: uno scenario in evoluzione. In Ebook e oltre. Scenari e tecnologie dell'editoria digitale nella società dell'informazione, Università degli studi di Milano-Bicocca, 25 May Sanllorenti, Ana M. Bibliotecas digitales: conceptos introductorios. Santos, Marcos H. Santovenia Díaz, Javier Relación de contribuciones publicadas en Ciencias de la Información en el período Saraiva, Bruno. Author's edition. Sarmento e Souza, M. Savanur, Kiran P. Scientometric Portrait of Prof. Savenije, Bas Library and publicing report [Library and Publishing report]. Schmidt, Birgit. Open Access. Freier Zugang zu wissenschaftlichen Publikationen - das Paradigma der Zukunft? Verlag Dashöfer, pp. Senso, José A. Revista de Sociologia , , vol. Serra Serra, Jordi Documentos electrónicos : régimen jurídico y políticas de gestión y conservación. In Documentos electrónicos: régimen jurídico y políticas de gestión y conservación, Sevilla Spain , January Serra Serra, Jordi Les aplicacions de gestió d'arxius : tendències i requeriments funcionals. Serra Serra, Jordi Model per a l'elaboració del pla d'automatització d'un arxiu. Serra Serra, Jordi Valoración y selección de documentos electrónicos : principios y aplicaciones. Revista Tria , , n. 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Silvera Iturrioz, Claudia Los bibliotecarios en la sociedad de la información. Siregar, Ridwan Internet : strategi penggunaannya di perpustakaan perguruan tinggi. In JPLH. Snead, John T. Spinazzè, Linda La comunicazione scientifica accademica italiana nel mondo digitale: siti internet, biblioteche digitali, archivi aperti, case editrici universitarie digitali. Sridhar, M. Repositioning the information profession: why and how? In Repositioning the information profession for the market place, Mysore India , June 24, Stenmark, Dick Searching the intranet: Corporate users and their queries. Stock, Wolfgang and Lewandowski, Dirk Suchmaschinen und wie sie genutzt werden. WISU , , vol. Sturman, Roberto El programario de código abierto para la gestión integrada de la biblioteca: un nuevo recurso? Suber, Peter Promuovere l'Open Access nelle scienze umane. Bollettino Telematico di Filosofia Politica , Sulistyo-Basuki, L. Swan, Alma What has been going on? Learned Publishing , , vol. Swiderski, Graciela Valorización de la documentación colonial, a través de la preservación y conservación de los materiales y de la aplicación de procesos de estandarización descriptiva. Tajoli, Zeno DOI: uno strumento per costruire la biblioteca digitale. Tammaro, Anna Maria Qualità e competenze: il contesto europeo per l'accreditamento dei corsi ed il riconoscimento dei professionisti dell'informazione. Tarango Ortíz, Javier Legitimación de la sociedad del conocimiento en el contexto educativo mexicano. Tellez Tolosa, Luis Roberto Pensamiento estratégico y desarrollo de competencias gerenciales: una perspectiva desde las unidades de información. Térmens Graells, Miquel Los consorcios, una nueva etapa de la cooperación bibliotecaria. Terry, Robert [Keynote] Open Access : a funder's perspective. Tesler, Mario Nuestras dos bibliotecas nacionales y el intercambio de publicaciones. La Biblioteca , , n. Tirado, Uribe La alfabetización informacional, un prerrequisito y campo de acción para la e-inclusión y la gestión del conocimiento en red en las universidades. Tomescu, Silvia Serviciile bibliotecii electronice in procesul de instruire si invatare. Toni, Franco The evaluation of electronic resources as a strategic factor in the decision making process: tools, critical points, feasible solutions. Lingüística y Literatura , , n. A propósito de un indicador definitivo en investigación. May Ubillo Venegas, María Antonieta Clasificación por colores en biblioteca para niños : proponiendo el código junior en colores. Uriarte Gonzalo-Bilbao, Enrique Los profesionales de la información y la documentación en Euskadi, contexto e historia reciente de la profesión. Uribe-Tirado, Alejandro Internet, software libre, brecha digital y analfabetismo informacional una reflexión y discusión pendiente en la Universidad. Uribe-Tirado, Alejandro La alfabetización informacional, un prerrequisito y campo de acción para la e-inclusión y la gestión del conocimiento en red en las universidades. Uribe-Tirado, Alejandro Las bibliotecas: una experiencia de pasado, presente y futuro. Uribe-Tirado, Alejandro Las nuevas tecnologías y la educación virtual en los Planes de Desarrollo y de Acción, un reto para la Universidad de Antioquia. Revista de la Asociación de Profesores de la Universidad de Antioquia , , vol. Uribe-Tirado, Alejandro Las unidades de información y empresas informativo-documentales que se requieren hoy en América Latina : una mirada desde la gerencia y el mercadeo con responsabilidad social. Uribe-Tirado, Alejandro Los profesores de la Universidad de Antioquia frente al acceso, conocimiento y uso de internet. Retos y aspectos a discutir. Revista de la Asociación de Profesores de la Universidad de Antioquia , , n. Informatización de la red de bibliotecas de las unidades de la atención primaria en Cuba. Utulu, Samuel C. Valeria Chandía, Yanina El profesional de la información : hacia una reflexión ética del deber moral y de la experiencia cotidiana. Vallejo Sierra, Ruth Helena Estudio de mercadeo en bibliotecas universitarias. What's new from the OAI. Vandooren, Francoise Study on the economic and technical evolution of the scientific publication markets in Europe [The EU scientific publishing study]. Políticas neoliberais nas bibliotecas universitarias galegas. A Trabe de Ouro , , vol. Regions preferred is from Kerala in India. Need a Fulltime Employee Laravel-codeigniter on Monthly basis, based on kerala,India who should be able to handle html,css,jquery,bootstrap etc. Freelancer, Attached is a concept, I would like to develop it further in a proper way so that to become presentable to the authorities for their consideration. 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García Puertas, Yulima D. Mi Biblioteca, n.

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Ediciones Trea, pp.

3xxx Pornografia If you are on the look out for the finest porn and you crave to delight with a hot milf doing all the slutty work, feel free to browse this awesome tube. Código promocional descarga de películas porno Video Sisisters Sex. Genetic variability in captive populations of Crocodylus moreletii Crocodylia: Crocodylidae using microsatellites markers. Crocodylus moreletii, an extinction threatened species, represents an emblem for tropical ecosystems in Mexico. Surprisingly, there is a lack of information about their genetic constitution, which should be evaluated for a proper management ex situ and for making decisions on the release of crocodiles into natural habitats. The aim of this study was to. Diversidade genética de pacu utilizado em programas de repovoamento nos rios Tietê e Grande, Brasil. O objetivo do presente estudo foi avaliar de forma inédita a diversidade genética de populações selvagens WPs e estoques de reprodutores BSs de P. Seis loci microssatélite foram amplificados usando DNA extraído de nadadeira caudal de indivíduos adultos. Foi observada alta variabilidade genética intra-populacional, com medias de heterozigosidade observada entre 0. Observaram-se quatro alelos compartilhados entre WPsxBSs. Valores positivos de FIS mostraram a presença de endogamia em sete das 10 coletas realizadas nas WPs. Observou-se parcialmente a presença de indivíduos oriundos do programa de repovoamento no ambiente natural. Quantitative Trait Loci in Inbred Lines. Quantitative traits result from the influence of multiple genes quantitative trait loci and environmental factors. Detecting and mapping the individual genes underlying such 'complex' traits is a difficult task. Fortunately, populations obtained from crosses between inbred lines are relatively. Biology and applications of human minisatellite loci. Highly repetitive minisatellites' include the most variable human loci described to date. They have proved invaluable in a wide variety of genetic analyses, and despite some controversies surrounding their practical implementation, have been extensively adopted in civil and forensic casework. Molecular analysis of internal allelic structure has provided detailed insights into the repeat-unit turnover mechanisms operating in germline mutations, which are ultimately responsible for the extreme variability seen at these loci. Three new loci for determining x chromosome inactivation patterns. The reliability of the loci was validated by showing a high correlation between the results obtained by employing the new loci and the AR locus using DNA from 15 females who were informative for all four loci. Altogether, we show that these loci can be applied easily in molecular diagnostic laboratories, either Reflexões sobre os juramentos utilizados nas faculdades médicas do Brasil. Todas as escolas utilizavam algum tipo de juramento durante o curso. Somente um juramento citava autonomia dos pacientes, e nenhum o princípio da justiça. Adaptación cultural de instrumentos utilizados en salud ocupacional. Full Text Available Se han creado numerosos instrumentos estandarizados para evaluar el estado de salud y la eficacia de los tratamientos. Sin embargo, la mayoría de ellos han sido desarrollados y validados en la lengua inglesa. En la literatura se recomienda la utilización de escalas y cuestionarios estandarizados cuyos resultados puedan ser comparados internacionalmente. Las diferencias culturales no permiten hacer una simple traducción de estos instrumentos. En este artículo se resumen normas sistematizadas para la adaptación cultural de instrumentos utilizados en salud ocupacional, derivadas de investigaciones especializadas. GWAS identifies four novel eosinophilic esophagitis loci. Sleiman, Patrick M. Eosinophilic esophagitis EoE is an allergic disorder characterized by infiltration of the oesophagus with eosinophils. Here we report genome-wide significant associations at four additional loci ; c11orf30 and STAT6, which. Genetic variation of twenty autosomal STR loci and evaluate the Mar 12, Principales marcadores moleculares utilizados para la identificación de Babesia bovis y Babesia bigemina. Full Text Available Este artículo describe los principales marcadores moleculares utilizados para la identificación de B. Tanto los artículos incluidos como los excluidos fueron almacenados en tablas, en las cuales se presenta la justificación de su condición dentro del estudio. A los 68 artículos seleccionados se les aplicó una evaluación con criterios de inclusión y exclusión previamente definidos, de este modo, 21 artículos originales cumplieron con los criterios de inclusión y se incluyeron en el estudio. Radiation-induced mutation at minisatellite loci. We are studying the radiation-induced increase of mutation rate in minisatellite loci in mice and humans. The frequency of mutation in offspring of irradiated males was 1. Germline mutation at human minisatellite loci was studied among children born in heavily polluted areas of the Mogilev district of Belarus after the Chernobyl accident and in a control population. The frequency of mutation assayed both by DNA fingerprinting and by eight single locus probes was found to be two times higher in the exposed families than in the control group. Furthermore, mutation rate was correlated with the parental radiation dose for chronic exposure Cs, consistent with radiation-induction of germline mutation. The potential use of minisatellites in monitoring germline mutation in humans will be discussed. Novel genetic loci associated with hippocampal volume. Hibar, Derrek P. International audience; The hippocampal formation is a brain structure integrally involved in episodic memory, spatial navigation, cognition and stress responsiveness. Structural abnormalities in hippocampal volume and shape are found in several common neuropsychiatric disorders. To identify the genetic underpinnings of hippocampal structure here we perform a genome-wide association study GWAS of 33, individuals and discover six independent loci significantly associated with hippocampal The loci controlling plasticity in flax. The nature of the genomic changes suggests a very different mechanism, which is not yet understood, from that of other DNA changes in response to stress, such as the activation of transposable elements. To identify the genes that control genomic changes in response to stress in flax, reciprocal crosses were made between a responsive flax line, Stormont cirrus, and an unresponsive line, Bethune. The ability of the F2 generation from selfed F1 plants to respond to nutrient stress was assayed using the insertion of LIS-1 as the criteria for responsiveness. Twenty-nine out of 89 F2s responded at 5 weeks, suggesting that dominant loci were all necessary for early LIS-1 insertion. Seventy out of 76 responded at 10 weeks, indicating two dominant loci independently capable of initiating LIS-1 insertion under prolonged nutrient stress. F1 plants and their progeny with either P1 or Bethune as the maternal parent were capable of responding with LIS-1 insertion, indicating that LIS-1 insertion is under nuclear genetic control and does not involve maternal factors. Thus, a small number of loci within the genome of Stormont cirrus appear to control the ability to respond to nutrient stress with LIS-1 insertion. A genetic map of the flax genome is currently under construction, and will be used to identify these loci within the genome. Keywords: nutrient stress, genomic plasticity, flax, Linum usitatissimum, LIS A técnica de pesquisa utilizada foi o levantamento de dados. 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Full Text Available Introducción: Del tipo de tratamiento y la eficacia del mismo depende la evolución y la mejora en la calidad de vida del paciente con heridas crónicas; existen diversos tratamientos para las heridas crónicas de acuerdo con el tipo de lesión, la duración del tratamiento y los factores individuales del paciente. Los diversos tratamientos innovadores demuestran resultados favorables en cuanto a la reducción del tiempo y el tamaño de las heridas crónicas. Este artículo tiene como objetivo describir los tratamientos innovadores utilizados en el manejo de las heridas crónicas, de uso poco frecuente en las clínicas de heridas. Resultados: se registraron 12 tratamientos innovadores para el manejo de las heridas cónicas, cada uno con evidencia científica de su utilidad en los distintos tipos de heridas crónicas. A revised nomenclature for transcribed human endogenous retroviral loci. A hitherto unknown proportion of ERV loci are transcribed and thus contribute to the human transcriptome. A small proportion of these loci encode functional proteins. As the role of ERVs in normal and diseased biological processes is not yet established, transcribed ERV loci are of particular interest. As more transcribed ERV loci are likely to be identified in the near future, the development of a systematic nomenclature is important to ensure that all information on each locus can be easily retrieved. Results Here we present a revised nomenclature of transcribed human endogenous retroviral loci that sorts loci into groups based on Repbase classifications. Group symbols are based on a mixture of Repbase designations and well-supported symbols used in the literature. The presented guidelines will allow newly identified loci to be easily incorporated into the scheme. We hope that the system will contribute to clarifying a certain aspect of a sometimes confusing nomenclature for human endogenous retroviruses. The presented system may also be employed for naming transcribed loci of human non-ERV repeat loci. The hippocampal formation is a brain structure integrally involved in episodic memory, spatial navigation, cognition and stress responsiveness. To identify the genetic underpinnings of hippocampal structure here we perform a genome-wide association study GWAS of 33, individuals and discover six independent loci significantly associated with hippocampal volume, four of them novel. A hippocampal subfield analysis shows that a locus within the MSRB3 gene shows evidence of a localized effect along the dentate gyrus, subiculum, CA1 and fissure. Our findings suggest novel biological pathways through which human genetic variation influences hippocampal volume and risk for neuropsychiatric illness. Quantitative trait loci and metabolic pathways. McMullen, M. The interpretation of quantitative trait locus QTL studies is limited by the lack of information on metabolic pathways leading to most economic traits. Inferences about the roles of the underlying genes with a pathway or the nature of their interaction with other loci are generally not possible. An exception is resistance to the corn earworm Helicoverpa zea Boddie in maize Zea mays L. A greater understanding of the genetic basis of maysin synthesis and associated corn earworm resistance should lead to improved breeding strategies. More broadly, the insights gained in relating a defined genetic and biochemical pathway affecting a quantitative trait should enhance interpretation of the biological basis of variation for other quantitative traits. Microsatellite loci isolated from the scleractinian coral, Acropora nobilis. We report the isolation and characterization of eight microsatellite loci from the scleractinian coral, Acropora nobilis. The microsatellite loci were obtained using compound SSR primers or an enrichment protocol. All the loci were polymorphic with four to eight alleles per locus and observed heterozygosities ranging from 0. Some of the primers developed for the two congeners, Acropora palmata and Acropora millepora were applicable to A. These loci are useful for studying the connectivity among A. Full Text Available Genomic enrichment methods and next-generation sequencing produce uneven coverage for the portions of the genome the loci they target; this information is essential for ascertaining the suitability of each locus for further analysis. Summary information includes the parameters coverage per locus, coverage per individual and number of polymorphic sites, among others. The program can output the raw sequences used to call loci from next-generation sequencing data. Nonparametric functional mapping of quantitative trait loci. Functional mapping is a useful tool for mapping quantitative trait loci QTL that control dynamic traits. It incorporates mathematical aspects of biological processes into the mixture model-based likelihood setting for QTL mapping, thus increasing the power of QTL detection and the precision of parameter estimation. However, in many situations there is no obvious functional form and, in such cases, this strategy will not be optimal. Here we propose to use nonparametric function estimation, typically implemented with B-splines, to estimate the underlying functional form of phenotypic trajectories, and then construct a nonparametric test to find evidence of existing QTL. Using the representation of a nonparametric regression as a mixed model, the final test statistic is a likelihood ratio test. We consider two types of genetic maps: dense maps and general maps, and the power of nonparametric functional mapping is investigated through simulation studies and demonstrated by examples. Discovery and refinement of loci associated with lipid levels. Willer, Cristen J. Adrienne; Sandhu, Manjinder S. Levels of low-density lipoprotein LDL cholesterol, high-density lipoprotein HDL cholesterol, triglycerides and total cholesterol are heritable, modifiable risk factors for coronary artery disease. To identify new loci and refine known loci influencing these lipids, we examined , Unraveling possible association between quantitative trait loci QTL Unraveling possible association between quantitative trait loci QTL for partial resistance and nonhost resistance in food barley Hordeum vulgaris L. Many quantitative trait loci QTLs in different barley populations were discovered for resistance to Puccinia hordei and heterologous rust species. To identify new loci and refine known loci influencing these lipids, we examined , individ To identify new loci and refine known loci influencing these lipids, we examined We identify and annotate loci associated with lipid levels at P lipid levels in humans. Até o ano de , haviam sido recebidas amostras, a maior parte das quais provenientes dos Estados Unidos e do próprio país. Da Colômbia, Peru e Bolívia, também foi recebido muito material. Dentre elas, salientaram-se as var. Igualmente, as variedades amarelo-dente mais promissoras foram também ensaiadas, destacando-se: Itaici e Tuxpan. Mais de 50 variedades foram autofecundadas com o intuito de serem obtidas boas linhagens. A maior parte destas linhagens, no que concerne a milho duro-ama-relo, provém da var. Dentre elas, podemos mencionar a L. Outros investigadores, no país, também obtiveram boas linhagens derivadas dêsse milho. Dentre as variedades amarelo-dente, foi isolada, em Campinas, a L. Em Ipanema, foram obtidas. Association mapping of partitioning loci in barley. Full Text Available Abstract Background Association mapping, initially developed in human disease genetics, is now being applied to plant species. The model species Arabidopsis provided some of the first examples of association mapping in plants, identifying previously cloned flowering time genes, despite high population sub-structure. More recently, association genetics has been applied to barley, where breeding activity has resulted in a high degree of population sub-structure. A major genotypic division within barley is that between winter- and spring-sown varieties, which differ in their requirement for vernalization to promote subsequent flowering. To date, all attempts to validate association genetics in barley by identifying major flowering time loci that control vernalization requirement VRN-H1 and VRN-H2 have failed. Here, we validate the use of association genetics in barley by identifying VRN-H1 and VRN-H2, despite their prominent role in determining population sub-structure. Results By taking barley as a typical inbreeding crop, and seasonal growth habit as a major partitioning phenotype, we develop an association mapping approach which successfully identifies VRN-H1 and VRN-H2, the underlying loci largely responsible for this agronomic division. Conclusion We show that, after employing appropriate statistical methods to correct for population sub-structure, the genome-wide partitioning effect of allelic status at VRN-H1 and VRN-H2 does not result in the high levels of spurious association expected to occur in highly structured samples. An evolutionary reduction principle for mutation rates at multiple Loci. Aplicar filtro. First 1 2 3 4 Next Last. Ofertar ahora. Producción de audio Servicios de audio Entrada de datos Malayalam Talento de voz. 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Asadi, Maryam Information security technologies: a classification approach. Iranian Journal of Information Science , , vol. Anales de Documentación , , vol. Atenas, Javiera Perfiles profesionales y requerimientos del mercado laboral, un estudio comparativo. Bibliodocencia : Revista de Profesores de Bibliotecología , , n. BiD : textos universitaris de biblioteconomia i documentació , , n. Awre, Chris Technical report. Contenidos y organización de las sedes web de los parlamentos autonómicos. Babini, Dominique. Producción, difusión y uso de investigación colaborativa en red. El caso de la red académica del Consejo Latinoamericano de Ciencias Sociales. Redes de Bibliotecas Virtuales para las Ciencias Sociales. Babini, Dominique Using open source software Greenstone for a network of digital collections. Bachr, Ahmed Abdelilah La production scientifique diffusée dans la revue Al Awamia : une analyse de citations. Baiget, Joan Knowledge management. The last frontier? Revista Capital intelectual , , vol. Baiget, Joan Knowledge scenarios. Bailey, Jr. Electronic Theses and Dissertations: A Bibliography. Reference Services Review , , vol. Scholarly electronic publishing bibliography. Scientometrics , , vol. Fractality and transfractality. Fit of relational and activity indicators. Baker, Kim The economics of access to literature and information. Banks, Marcus A. Towards a continuum of scholarship : the eventual collapse of the distinction between grey and non-grey literature. In Press [Conference paper]. Información, Cultura y Sociedad , , n. Glasnik Narodne biblioteke Srbije , , vol. Barbedo, Francisco Arquivos Digitais: da origem à maturidade. Cadernos BAD , , vol. Unpublished [Conference poster]. Online-Mitteilungen , , n. Barreto, Aldo As tecnoutopias do saber: redes interligando o conhecimento. DataGramaZero , , vol. Bibliotime , , vol. VIII, n. Churer Schriften zur Informationswissenschaft , , n. Battisti, Michèle L'edizione in scienze umane in Europa: posta in gioco e prospettive. Information — wir leben sie! Bericht über den Deutschen Bibliothekartag in Düsseldorf vom März Bauer, Bruno Die Neuorganisation des österreichischen Universitätswesens. Januar Bauer, Bruno Medizinbibliothekarische Bibliographie Medizin - Bibliothek - Information , , vol. In ODOK '05 : Österreichisches Online-Informationstreffen ; Bauer, Bruno Was bieten wir für Studierende? Bauer, Bruno medizin — bibliothek — information: Alles bleibt besser! JeLit : Journal of eLiteracy , , vol. Biuletyn EBIB , , n. Educational Researcher , , vol. Bellés Navarro, Ana Les guies temàtiques de Psicologia de les universitats catalanes. Benvenuti, Nicola Accesso alla conoscenza nascosta. In Gestione delle raccolte e cooperazione nella biblioteca ibrida, Firenze Italy , 13 October Benvenuti, Nicola La riforma della comunicazione scientifica. Vjesnik bibliotekara Hrvatske , , vol. Bhatt, Jay Blogging as a tool : innovative approaches to information access. Hagerty Library US , 27 September Bhatt, Jay and Paulsen, W. Charles and Dunn, Lisa G. Vendor partnerships with engineering libraries partnering with Knovel : case studies in information outreach. Sylvestre Bonnard, pp. Bihui, Jin and Rousseau, Ronald China's exponential growth in science and the contribution of firms. Pregled Nacionalnog centra za digitalizaciju , , vol. Boletín de la Asociación Andaluza de Bibliotecarios , , vol. Bortoluci, Lauci. Braschler, Nina Realisierungsmöglichkeiten einer Zertifizierungsstelle für digitale Zertifikate in der Schweiz. Brown, Ron T. Buckland, Michael K. Mostenirea Bibliotecii Publice. Byrne, Alex La alfabetización informacional desde una perspectiva global : el desastre agudiza nuestras mentes. Byrne, Alex La alfabetización informacional desde una perspectiva global: el desastre agudiza nuestras mentes. Cabezas Bolaños, Esteban La organización de archivos musicales marco conceptual. Biblios , , n. Parte I. Consideraciones teóricas. Parte II. Parte III. Cagigas, Yolanda and Aguado, Javier Los archivos universitarios españoles : una propuesta de reglamento para los centros privados. Atlanti : Review for modern archival theory and practice , , vol. Cajal, Nieves Recursos de información multimedia en la Casa de América : fondos para la investigación de la cultura afroamericana. Caldera Serrano, Jorge and Rodríguez Rodríguez, Esther Propuesta de un sistema de información documental para las televisiones locales. Cambiaghi, Simone Valutazione del livello di soddisfazione degli utenti della Biblioteca di scienze dell'Università di Milano Bicocca. Cañedo Andalia, Rubén Acimed : una gestión diferente y sin secretos. Algunas precisiones necesarias en torno al uso del factor de impacto como herramienta de evaluación científica. 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